As a parent to a first-year college student, I remember going through the college exploration and application process first hand over the last couple of years. As teenagers make plans and aspire toward future goals, there’s a lot to think about. My advice to parents is to allow students to discover and research areas of interest for themselves, but if they need guidance, step on in! Get involved with your student’s planning process. Ask questions, start discussions, and utilize the great resources available that will make it less stressful and more enjoyable. is one such resource.

YourPlanForTheFuture, or “YPFF,” is provided by MEFA and is an online portal that serves students from all corners of the Commonwealth at no cost. The goal of the portal is to support students through each step of the college and career planning process. College and career readiness is all about connecting the dots.

There is an abundance of valuable activities within the portal for both middle school and high school students to take advantage of. There are interactive tools that examine likes, dislikes, talents, interests, skills, values, and experiences to help middle school students learn more about themselves and start to build the path toward a happy career and future. And there are numerous resources and guidance that assist high school students with building a career pathway and evaluating which post-secondary options are the best fit.

Check out our suggested student timeline below, which can help students in grades 9-12 get the most out of the portal.:

YPFF_Freshman Year YPFF_Sophomore Year YPFF_Junior Year YPFF_Senior Year

If you do not already have an account in YPFF, register now. It’s easy! Students, parents, and educators can all sign up for an account and get access to the same valuable information and tools. Go to and click Register Here on the righthand side to start the journey toward college and career planning and success. Visit YPFF today!