The MEFA Institute

MEFA's free professional development lessons are specifically designed to help you better serve college-bound students and earn Professional Development Points (PDPs). All webinars are aligned with MASCA's MA Model and the Massachusetts Career Development Education (CDE) Benchmarks.

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Future Ready Mentor Toolkit

Future Ready's Mentor Toolkit provides information and resources to help mentors guide middle and high school students through college planning. Download the Toolkit.

MEFA Pathway Your Plan for the Future

We also provide assistance with MEFA Pathway, the free college and career planning portal for Massachusetts students in grades 6-12. Contact Jennifer Bento-Pinyoun for more information or to sign up your school.

All the Support You Need

At MEFA, we are committed to providing school counselor resources and helping you give guidance to college-bound students and their families.

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MEFA Webinars for Families

We conduct free, live webinars for students and parents. These webinars, given by MEFA staff and other industry experts, cover a range of topics related to college planning. Families can register directly on our website. Learn More.