MEFA Videos

Our videos are great college planning resources that provide information and guidance to help your family prepare for the future. Find videos by clicking on the categories listed below. This page includes all of our recorded webinars.

MEFA Pathway's My Budget Activity
Middle school students can practice money management by exploring MEFA Pathway’s My Budget activity. This activity helps students learn how to create a budget, and is perfect for students who have a summer job and want to track their income and expenses. Students can visit to create an account and start using the tool.
How to Stay Organized
It’s important for students to stay organized. MEFA’s intern, Jariel Ruiz, shares his tips and advice for creating a schedule and keeping track of schoolwork. If you’re a student, use MEFA Pathway to stay organized. Get started at
How to Work With Your School Counselor
Working with your school counselor is an important part of the college planning process. MEFA’s intern, Jariel Ruiz, shares a discussion with his school counselor on applying to college, financial aid, and comparing colleges. Students can use MEFA Pathway’s College Compare tool to compare up to five colleges side by side. Get started at
Life as a Student Athlete
Balancing academics with playing sports can be a challenge. MEFA’s intern, Jariel Ruiz, shares how he manages both and his advice for other students in the same position. Students can use MEFA Pathway to keep track of sports and any other activities they take part in, so they'll be able to easily create a resume for colleges and jobs. Get started at
An Attainable Savings Plan Overview and Q&A for 529 Day
The Attainable Savings Plan allows individuals with disabilities and their families to save for disability-related expenses without losing eligibility for federal means-tested benefits. In this webinar, we review the benefits, eligibility requirements, and plan details of Attainable, and explain how to easily set up an account.
MEFA Institute: Supporting First-Gen Students
Are you interested in supporting first-generation students through the college application process and their college years? Watch this webinar for counselors, college access professionals, and college administrators to learn more about some tools that can help first-generation students survive and thrive. The presenters discuss who are considered first-generation students, the variances that exists in the population, the issues and hurdles students face before and after college acceptance, and how we can all help them succeed.
MEFA Institute: Get the Facts on Mass Transfer
This webinar is for educators who want to learn more about the programs offered within MassTransfer, find out why starting a college career at a community college can be an excellent choice, and hear tips on how to guide students to utilize this cost-saving initiative. Attendees hear from Arthur Esposito, Director of Academic Policy & Student Success at the MA Department of Higher Education, who will walk through the benefits, estimated savings, and requirements of MassTransfer, explain how students can get started, and describe some challenges for each program.
College Options for This Fall
Will you be graduating from high school in the next month but haven’t yet made a plan for your future? That's okay! There are many education opportunities still available. Please join MEFA for a panel discussion with five higher education leaders in Massachusetts. Learn about colleges and programs where you can still enroll for Fall 2024 and about money available from the federal government and the Massachusetts Office of Student Financial Assistance to help you pay to attend a 2-year or 4-year college or university. Also hear about the resources available to help you complete the FAFSA and make a plan for your future. You are worth it!
Admissões em faculdades
O processo de pesquisa e inscrição em uma faculdade pode ser intenso. Este webinário ajudará você a definir um roteiro de admissão personalizado, abordando temas como tendências atuais da admissão em ensino superior, criando uma lista equilibrada de faculdades e dos diferentes componentes da inscrição em uma faculdade, inclusive históricos escolares, redações e cartas de recomendação.
Using Your U.Plan Funds
This webinar is for individuals who have saved in the U.Plan and who are getting ready to use their funds. We address questions such as “How does the U.Plan affect financial aid?,” “When can I request my U.Plan funds and when will they be paid to the college?,” “How do I calculate the U.Plan payment?,” and more. There will also be information on the available options if your child isn’t attending a U.Plan participating college.