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Keep up to date with the latest news about planning and financing a college education and preparing for your financial future, from experts here at MEFA and across the industry. Browse through our blog and use it as your very own college planning guide.

Counselor and student at IEP Transition Meeting
Learn how to create a transition plan, the benefits of a student-led IEP transition meeting, and important tips to help students lead their IEP meeting. …
By Mary Rubenis    |
Student learning about MyCAP
Learn about CCA, a whole-school, four-year program led by counselors and MyCAP, an electronic process where students design an academic pathway aligned to their post-secondary plans and goals, and how these can be utilized in MEFA Pathway. …
By Lisa Harney    |
What to Know About Massachusetts Community Colleges
We breakdown the location, degrees, student body, academics, services and activities, tuition and fees, and websites for each of the 15 community colleges spread throughout Massachusetts. …
By Meredith Clement    |
A mother reflects on how attending a college graduation brought up college planning considerations for her children, including visiting a college campus, thinking about finances, talking about career plans, and considering school location and distance. …
By Penelope Hauck    |
Is College for Me?
Other options besides college include trade schools, community college, developing a skill, going into the military, starting a business, or going right into the workforce.…
By Ajea Stupart    |
Student using laptop to learn college planning tips
Take the PSAT, visit college campuses, determine your high school course plan, know what AP & IB classes and extracurricular activties to take, find out GPA requirements, take to family members about their college experiences, and talk with your family about college payment expectations.…
By Shaun Connolly    |
Technical Vocational Student planning for college
Tips include getting a letter of recommendation from a shop teacher, including any certifications and licensing, looking into programs that have a technical focus, and exploring MassTransfer. …
By Jan Combs    |
The Importance of School Counselors
Take advantage of the guidance that school counselors provide by attending events they host, being proactive and initiating a conversation with them, and having them write a letter of recommendation that puts personality and dimension behind the student's grades. …
By Jennifer Legg Gabel    |
Should Your Child Consider a Trade School?
If you think your child might be a good fit for trade school, you should think about your child's skills and learning style and if they enjoy a more hands-on learning environment, consider the most common jobs associated with trade school graduates and if they would be a match for one, and look at the options for trade schools nearby to see if one fits your child's interests. …
By Jennifer Bento-Pinyoun    |
Why We Honor School Counselors
We share the many great ways that school counselors assist students, such as hosting admissions events, and what you can do to show your appreciation, such as writing a thank you note or dropping by their office. …
By Jennifer Bento-Pinyoun    |
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