Set Up Online 529 Gifting in 4 Easy Steps
If you're saving in a U.Fund, there's an easy way to set up online gifting for your child. The resource allows friends and family members to simply follow a link and electronically deposit funds in your child's 529. Learn the 4 easy steps to set up online 529 gifting.

90 Seconds with MEFA: College Gifting

The MEFA Podcast: College Gifting ______

Looking to Save for Disability-Related Expenses?
With an Attainable savings account, individuals with disabilities can save for health and personal expenses in a tax-advantaged account offered MEFA and by managed by Fidelity Investments.

Explore the Many Ways to Save for College

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U.Plan Prepaid Tuition

U.Plan Prepaid Tuition

A prepaid tuition program that offers tax advantages and lets you save for college while locking in today's rates.
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U.Fund College Investing Plan

U.Fund College Investing Plan

As the MA 529 college savings plan, this plan offers affordability, flexibility, and tax advantages.
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BabySteps Savings Plan

BabySteps Savings Plan

Your child might be eligible to receive a $50 seed deposit into a U.Fund 529 College Investing Plan account.
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College Planning Tool

Use MEFA's College Planning Tool to create a personal college savings strategy for your family.

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College Savings Calculator

This calculator can help estimate the total amount you'll save for college based on your monthly savings plan.

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