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Make a Plan

College Planning for High School Students

College is right around the corner. As your child begins visiting schools and filling out applications, you will be trying to figure out how to pay the costs. Rest assured, you can count on MEFA to guide you through college planning for high school students and help make college more affordable and accessible.

Get the Facts About Paying for College

If you haven't already explored the world of college costs and financial aid, now is the time.
Here are some ways to get up to speed on planning for college in high school:

Financial Aid Made Simple
Learn about the types of financial aid, the criteria that eligibility is based on, and more on our 
Financial Aid Made Simple page.

Expected Family Contribution (EFC)
Calculate your 
Expected Family Contribution (EFC), which colleges use to determine eligibility for need-based financial aid.

Federal Financial Aid Eligibility
Learn about how the amount of your federal student aid is determined on

Net Price Calculators
Use Net Price Calculators to estimate the amount of financial aid your family may receive from colleges.

Paying for College in Massachusetts
If you're a resident of Massachusetts, find out opportunities specific to your state that can help your family pay for school.

High School Academics
High school has its own terminology, and following certain academic tips can help you succeed

Keep Saving in Your College Fund

The more you save, the less you'll have to rely on financial aid or private loans to pay for college expenses. So stick to your savings plan and keep contributing to your college fund right up until you receive the first bill. And it's always a good idea to review the resources available through MEFA.

College Savings Tips
Get useful college saving tips that can help you make the most of your money.

U.Plan Prepaid Tuition
Lock in today's tuition at a network of colleges and universities in Massachusetts.

U.Fund College Investing Plan
MEFA's U.Fund offers you control and flexibility as you save for a child's college education.

College Savings Accounts
Find out how our college savings accounts stack up against other options in our comparison chart.

Plan for the Future

Encourage your child to use the free online college and career planning resource MEFA Pathway to plan for college and career. MEFA Pathway includes:

  • Resume builder to record activities, honors, awards, community service and work experience
  • Digital portfolio providing a visual library showing the student's personalized plan for the future
  • Assessments to help students find out more about their interests and skills.
  • A college search tool and application tracker.

Learn About College Admissions

There's a lot to know about college admissions. And there's no better place than MEFA to learn about and link to the information you need.

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