Start by selecting your child's age or grade, and the amount you plan to save on a monthly basis. Your calculation will provide you the total amount you'll have available when your child becomes college age. Use this College Savings Calculator to estimate college savings as you make a plan to pay for college. And as your finances change, revisit this page often to update your savings plan.

College Savings Calculator

If you start saving when your child is this age
With a monthly investment of

Your college savings when your child turns 18 will be*



Your contribution


Interest earned


*This calculator assumes consistent monthly saving until the child is 18 and an annual investment return of 7%. The 7% investment growth rate and the estimating savings are only used as an example and are not guaranteed nor intended to predict or project the investment performance of any security. Market conditions may change at any time. Speak to your financial advisor about the best savings option for your family.

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