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Keep up to date with the latest news about planning and financing a college education and preparing for your financial future, from experts here at MEFA and across the industry. Browse through our blog and use it as your very own college planning guide.

How to Apply for Private Student Loans
Learn what you need to know when comparing private loan options and the steps for applying once you have decided on a lender, including visiting the lender's website, completing the application, selecting your loan, and signing the Loan Agreement with your co-borrower. …
By Shaun Connolly    |
Advice to Incoming First-Year College Students
A student who just finished her freshman year gives social, logistical, roommate, and mindset advice. …
By Alison Rutyna    |
6 Ways to Be a Wise Borrower
Tips include minimizing borrowing, borrowing Federal Direct Student Loans first, understanding how loans work, assessing loan affordability, getting advice from trusted resources, and being aware of timing. …
By Jonathan Sparling    |
Planning for College with First-Gen Students
Three first-generation college students share how they chose a college, what they're most looking forward to in college, how COVID-19 has changed their process, and advice for other first-generation college students. …
By Ajea Stupart    |
What #529Day Taught Us
Learn about the highlights from our 529 Day celebration and the takeaways including how much is distrusted from U.Fund accounts, how savings can increase flexibility, and tax benefits of 529 accounts. …
By Ajea Stupart    |
Financial Guidance on ABLE Accounts
Learn about real-life examples of the use of ABLE accounts, the biggest benefits of ABLE accounts, the benefits of having both a special needs trust and an ABLE account, and how trusts can make contributions to ABLE. …
By Mary Rubenis    |
FAFSA Day MA Challenge Scholarship Winners for 2019-20
Winners include Academy of the Pacific Rim Charter Public School, Central Catholic High School, and Brockton High School. …
By Jan Combs    |
5 Key Terms to Know About Student Loans
Terms include Interest Rate, Annual Percentage Rate (APR), Repayment Term, Application and Solicitation Disclosure, and Co-Borrower. …
By Jonathan Sparling    |
Students in Grades 9-10: Here's How to Plan for College While at Home
Suggestions include preparing to take the PSAT, taking virtual college tours, determining classes you need to take, finding out GPA requirements for colleges, chatting with others about their college experience, and talking to your parents about college financing.…
By Shaun Connolly    |
Why You Might Be Interested in JROTC Even If You Don't Want to Join the Military
Learn about JROTC, how it got started, what kinds of classes students take in the program, and how the skills you learn can assist you even if you don't plan on joining the military. …
By Jonathan Hughes    |
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