Ways to Pay for College

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College Savings

To help you make the most of your savings, MEFA offers 2 tax-advantaged college financing products.
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MA Programs

In Massachusetts, there are several opportunities to earn a college degree at a reduced rate.
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Financial Aid

Financial aid might be available through grants & scholarships, work-study funds, and federal loans.
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Payment Plans

Most colleges and universities use a monthly payment plan to help families pay for college.
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Private Student Loans

MEFA offers student loans with fixed interest rates and several repayment options.
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Refinancing Loans

You may be able to lower your monthly payment and interest rate with a MEFA Student Refinancing Loan.

Make informed decisions about college expenses

Make informed decisions about college expenses

We're here to help you make a realistic and affordable plan on how to pay for college and to assist your family to make informed and responsible college financing decisions. In every aspect of our work we adhere to these guiding principles. You will probably need to tap into a combination of resources to pay for college expenses, including savings, current income, financial aid, and – potentially – a private education loan. Before you begin, make sure you understand the details of your financial aid offers and the college billing process.