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The MEFA Institute

The MEFA Institute

The MEFA Institute is a series of free professional development opportunities geared toward school counselors, college access professionals, and college administrators focused on planning, saving, and paying for college and reaching financial goals. Attend webinars, read blogs, and view videos within our curriculum, on your own schedule, to gain knowledge on numerous college planning topics and earn PDPs.

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What Does The MEFA Institute Offer?

Expert Guidance
Lessons are taught by industry leaders, both from within MEFA and from colleges and organizations across Massachusetts.
Lessons for All Levels
Choose the lessons that interest you for a customized learning experience.
Remote Learning
All aspects of each lesson are delivered virtually and all resources are digital.

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After completing a MEFA Institute lesson, submit your Evidence of Learning Form to earn PDPs.

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Each MEFA Institute lesson includes a live webinar. If you aren't able to attend the webinar, we'll post the recording after it occurs on the appropriate lesson page, which you can then watch anytime.

Upcoming Webinars
Understanding the U.Plan
Join us on February 2nd to learn how families can lock in tomorrow's tuition at today's prices with the U.Plan.
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Search for Colleges with
Join us on February 3rd to learn how students can use the College Search tool within
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Saving for College
Join us on March 18th to learn college savings strategies, information on specific programs, and how families can estimate what college may cost
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All Lessons

There's a lot for students to think about when planning for a college career. Learn how you can help students prepare for college early and navigate the admissions process so they can achieve their college and career goals.
The sooner families begin saving for college, the less they'll need to borrow—and repay. MEFA offers all of the resources you need to help families save for college and disability-related expenses.

There are a variety of options for families to choose from when paying for college. Learn about financial aid, student loans, Massachusetts programs, and more.

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