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Keep up to date with the latest news about planning and financing a college education and preparing for your financial future, from experts here at MEFA and across the industry. Browse through our blog and use it as your very own college planning guide.

Father and son using computer to learn about saving for college
Learn if it's ever too late to open a 529 account, if you can use 529 funds for daycare expenses, how to save with multiple children, how you withdraw 529 funds, how grandparent 529 accounts work, and more.…
By Meredith Clement    |
Parents using tablet to learn about 529 accounts and Roth IRAs
We compare the features of each, including taxes, tax benefits, contributions, investments, annual and maximum limits, and the impact on financial aid. …
By Meredith Clement    |
Family using tablet to learn about 529 Day
This year activities include a live webinar with the Massachusetts State Treasurer, college savings webinars, and an ABLE webinar, as well as podcasts, videos, and blogs. …
By Lisa Rooney    |
Mother and son using computer together
Learn about the tax consequences if 529 funds are used for an unqualified expense, what the exceptions to the penalty are, and how to redeposit 529 funds returned from a college. …
By Jonathan Hughes    |
Student in dorm room
If you used funds from a 529 account to pay for these expenses, the deadline to deposit these funds back into a 529 account without paying income taxes on the funds has been extended.…
By Jonathan Hughes    |
Father reviewing paperwork with daughter
We explain why it is still important to save for college if you have the ability to do so, how the market has reacted in the past to similar situations, and other ways to save for college that are not subject to market fluctuation. …
By Jonathan Hughes    |
man using laptop
The Act allows 529 distributions to pay back student loans and may give grandparents a new way to take advantage of their savings. …
By Jonathan Hughes    |
Man using laptop to learn about College Savings Accounts and Financial Aid
We answer frequently asked questions including does a student get ignored for financial aid if the family has a college savings account, how does a college savings account affect my eligibility for financial aid, will the financial aid amount change once the school learns of my college savings account, and what happens if my grandparents save for my college? …
By Meredith Clement    |
How We Save for College: Tips from MEFA Team Members
Tips include using a college savings account, starting small, involving your children in the process, taking advantage of gifting, setting up automatic deposits, and diversifying your investments. …
By MEFA     |
Don't Miss These 10 Financial Aid FAQs
Topics include completing financial aid applications, getting an FSA ID, who requires the CSS Profile, applying for financial aid without a Social Security number, who should complete the financial aid applications, the affect of 529 accounts on financial aid, the financial aid timeline, EFC Calculators, and helpful websites. …
By Meredith Clement    |
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