College Savings

Dreams Tour: Next Stop - Easton Children's Museum

Our summer series, the U.Fund Dreams Tour, continues on July 25th with a visit to the Children's Museum in Easton.

The Children's Museum in Easton, located in a historic fire station in North Easton, MA, is described as an educational, cultural, and social learning center for children and families, with a primary focus on children ages 1-8. Part of the museum's mission is to help children and families become life-long learners, using hands-on experiences as the key to stimulating curiosity and motivating learning. MEFA and the museum share this passion for education and life-long learning and are proud to offer the unique opportunity of the U.Fund Dreams Tour to museum families.

What will YOU be?

The U.Fund Dreams Tour helps children's dreams come to life with the use of props, stickers, educational facts, and fun photos to take home and share. This event gives children the opportunity to learn about a variety of careers and pose for photos in scenes that represent what they might want to be when they grow up. Does your child want to be an astronaut? Builder? Musician? Maybe even the President? With aspirations this big, you'll need to have a college savings plan, and parents will be able to get valuable information about saving for college and the U.Fund 529 Plan.

Come see us at the Children's Museum in Easton and make sure to drop by our Dreams Tour tent. We want to introduce ourselves and help you get your college savings plans started.