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ScholarJet Can Help Repay Your Loans and Find You a Job

We interview the ScholarJet CEO & Co-Founder about what ScholarJet is, how it got started, how students and recent graduates can apply, and student success stories.

student researching scholarjetAs any recent grad can tell you, finding your first job after graduating college is hard. Without relevant job experience, it can be difficult to demonstrate your skills to a potential employer. On top of that, many recent grads have student loans that are about to come into repayment, making it even more imperative that they secure a job.

That's where ScholarJet comes in. ScholarJet is a website where students apply to competitions to get hired for entry-level positions and win thousands of dollars to pay off their student loans. Many students and recent grads have found success through this website. To get a better idea of what ScholarJet is and how it can benefit students, we interviewed the founder, Tuan Ho.

LP: What is ScholarJet?

TH: ScholarJet is creating a future where people are rewarded in the pursuit of their career based on their abilities. Job seekers go to ScholarJet to apply to skills-based hiring competitions sponsored by employers who are looking to hire entry-level talent. The competition levels the playing field for candidates by replacing the traditional resume-based job application. For example, if you are looking to apply for a business development position, you can apply with a business pitch. If you are applying to a software engineering role, you can apply with the app you created. This allows the employers to see whether or not you have the basic skills for the position rather than judging you based on your background. There is also prize money, which is given to the top submissions to help pay off their student debt.

LP: How did ScholarJet get started?

TH: ScholarJet was started by 3 college graduates who all came from underserved communities. Joseph Alim, Francisco Caldero, and I are all recognized within Forbes 30 under 30 in Education. It all came together because of the relentless hard work of the team to pursue a more equitable future.

LP: How can students and recent graduates apply?

TH: Graduating seniors (bachelor or associate) and college graduates can sign up at and find the competitions/jobs that they want. They can get advice and additional resources provided on the platform by the ScholarJet team. The main requirement for eligibility is that you have some form of student loan debt.

LP: Can you provide an example of a past success story?

TH: Wayfair is a fortune 500 company that created a $3,000 competition at ScholarJet. Their prompt asked candidates to submit an app to help them stay organized. Typically, Wayfair receives hundreds of resumes for an open position and only interviews a small percentage of the applicants. Through ScholarJet, they received submissions from 10 applicants and ended up interviewing all 10. One of the candidates who they hired was a business major with experience in coding. Typically, from a resume, this candidate's coding ability might have gone unnoticed. But through ScholarJet, Wayfair was able to identify his skillset and gave him an awesome role at the company.

Tuan Ho is the CEO & Co-Founder of ScholarJet. As a first-generation immigrant, he graduated from Northeastern University with a Mechanical Engineering degree. Through his work, he has been recognized as a Priscilla Chan Stride Fellow, within BostInno 25 under 25, and within Forbes 30 under 30. 

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