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Paying for College

Introducing MEFA's After the College Acceptance Program

Julie Shields-Rutyna explains the usefulness of the After the College Acceptance webinar and the different topics it covers.
A student attending a After the College Acceptance Webinar

Making the decision about what college to attend can be challenging. At this time of year seniors in high school begin receiving admissions decisions and financial aid offers. And they all must decide by May 1st where they plan to spend the next four years. There are so many factors involved in making this decision. MEFA is here to help your family review the information available and determine the best plan of action.

Even if the student in your family has only been accepted to just one college, your child needs to be sure that it's the right college for him or her. Your family also needs to make sure you can afford it. If your child has been accepted to multiple colleges, you'll need to compare the attributes of the different schools, including the costs, and make the best choice.

At this important time of year, here are all the ways you can connect with MEFA to get the help you need:

    • Attend one of MEFA's After the College Acceptance Webinars. For a listing of these webinars, view MEFA's Family Webinar Series. If you miss a live webinar, you can also watch a recording of the webinar here. These webinars will help you:

        • Understand and analyze the financial aid offers you've received

        • Know your options if you haven't yet applied for aid

        • Determine your balance due at each school

        • Plan for the use of your college savings

        • Learn about college payment plans

        • Create a payment strategy

        • Choose the right financing options for your situation

    • Reference our After the College Acceptance page anytime to access resources to help your family with the college decision, including calculators, articles, and tip sheets.

    • Stay up to date with important college planning information by signing up to receive MEFA's email curriculum. You'll receive an email every 2-4 weeks with timely and relevant guidance including valuable scholarship opportunities, tips on preparing for freshman year, and strategies for paying the college bill.

    • If you're on social media, like us and follow us on Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn. We post daily on each platform, and include resources and opportunities not found elsewhere.

    • If you have any questions about planning and paying for higher education, you can call us at (800) 449-6332 or email us at We're happy to provide additional information and help you walk through the process of making this college decision.

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