College Savings

Counting Down to Kindergarten

Countdown to Kindergarten
engages families, educators and the community in a citywide effort to enhance early learning opportunities and to support the transition into kindergarten.

MEFA and the Boston Public Schools work together in partnership to bring awareness to families on the importance of saving for college early and often. Countdown to Kindergarten is an incredible program within the BPS system that helps families with young children transitioning from day care centers, home life and even pre-school to kindergarten.

BPS takes great pride in nurturing the relationship and placement of young students across the city while also instilling a feeling of confidence and excitement around the transition to kindergarten. As we all near the final days of summer and the early days of back to school, sentiments around the newness of opportunity, learning, and growth while making new friendships surround us all. It's an exciting time.

As partners in the community, MEFA and Countdown to Kindergarten enjoy this special time every year and work closely with families to ensure that college savings information is available and within reach as families embark on setting their children off to school. MEFA is proud that as partners with BPS, our college savings message is available to families who speak eight languages including Vietnamese, Chinese, Portuguese, Haitian Kreyole, Cape Verdean, Somali, English and Spanish. Our reach is far and our missions are aligned in order to establish that solid foundation of learning and a love for education.

Learn more about this program at, and visit MEFA and Countdown to Kindergarten at the Boston Children’s Museum on August 26th from 4:30-7:30pm.