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Keep up to date with the latest news about planning and financing a college education and preparing for your financial future, from experts here at MEFA and across the industry. Browse through our blog and use it as your very own college planning guide.

Students taking a test
Tips include exploring the differences between the tests, taking practice tests for each, and making a test preparation plan. …
By Travis Minor    |
Making the Most of Your SAT<sup>®</sup>/ACT<sup>®</sup> Test Day
It's wise to prepare for not only the content of the tests, but for the experience of testing itself. These tips cover what to do the day before the test, test day, after the test, and when the results arrive. …
By Travis Minor    |
By Meredith Clement    |
ACT<sup>®</sup> and SAT<sup>®</sup>: What's The Difference?
Learn the difference between the SAT and ACT, which test to take, and how test re-takes work. …
By Lindsay Rosenman    |
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