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College is an investment, and it’s important to start saving for it as soon as you can. Use our College Planning Tool to create a personal strategy to get started with college savings plans and pay for your child’s higher education costs. Record your current college savings plan information, project your future college expenses, and receive guidance on creating a college savings plan that works for your family.

Though it’s never too late to start a college savings plan, there are certainly advantages to beginning early on in your child’s life.  Our chart below illustrates the benefits of beginning to save when your child is young.

Tools & Resources

Make a Plan to Save

Massachusetts families with a plan for saving for college save on average $150 more per month than those families without a plan**. Create a savings strategy for your family by following our steps. Learn More

The Truth About Saving for College

Almost everywhere you look, you’re confronted with myths and rumors about saving for college. At MEFA, you get the facts. Learn More

Save for Tomorrow, Starting Today

If you’re worried that you’ll never be able to pay for college, you’re not alone. Watch this brief video to find out how MEFA helped families just like yours. Watch Video

College Savings Tips

Need a plan to start saving for college? Our college savings tips offer guidance on how to fit saving for college into your budget. Learn More

College Savings Plans: Compare Your Options

When it comes to saving for college, you have options. Find out the benefits and differences of each in this handy comparison chart. Learn More


MA College Savings Plans


U.Plan Prepaid Tuition Program

The U.Plan, one of the nation’s most dependable prepaid tuition programs, offers tax advantages and lets you save for college while locking in today’s rates. Learn More


U.Fund College Investing Plan

As the Massachusetts 529 college savings plan, the U.Fund offers affordability, flexibility, and powerful tax advantages. Learn More

Saving for College Webinar

Watch our pre-recorded webinar on saving for college to learn how to select a savings plan, the minimum amount needed to set up an account, and valuable tax benefits to saving. Watch Webinar

*This is just an estimate and based on a 7% rate of return
**Based on the 10th edition of the Fidelity College Savings Indicator Study


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“I count participating in the UPLAN among the very best decisions we have made in our life.”


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The SECURE Act Expands Use of 529 Plans

The Act allows 529 distributions to pay back student loans and may give grandparents a new way to take advantage of their savings.

BabySteps Savings Plan

Through BabySteps, every child born or adopted on or after January 1, 2020 who is a Massachusetts resident will be eligible to receive a $50 seed deposit into a U.Fund 529 College Investing Plan account.

Learn More

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Hear from MEFA’s college planning experts on a wide array of topics in our short videos

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