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College Savings

The Power of the U.Plan - In their own words (part 2)

As we mentioned in our post last week, families love the value and flexibility of the U.Plan Prepaid Tuition Program. It's also a fabulous savings opportunity for parents with small children. I spoke last spring with a number of these parents who have successfully saved in the U.Plan. Below are some of their thoughts on the U.Plan, in their own words.

“As the parent of a young child, I could never anticipate how quickly the time goes by and before you know it, your child is entering college; by starting early to save in the U.Plan I was able to clearly see the incredible value it was when it came time to pay that first tuition bill.” Tony D., Woburn, MA

“I know that when you have young children, there are a million other things for you to do with your money. Saving for college isn’t always a priority, because it isn’t going to happen for 18 years. But the time flies by and if you haven’t planned, then what?” Paulette G., Billerica, MA

“It’s not always easy to save for something that seems so far away (like college). One strategy that worked for us was to set aside our tax refunds to deposit into our U.Plan account.”  Christine Q., Canton, MA

Help us celebrate the 20th Anniversary of the U.Plan and share your own U.Plan experiences by leaving a comment on Facebook or Twitter. Would you like to learn more about the U.Plan? Visit our U.Plan page.

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