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Questions You Might be Asking about the U.Plan

Learn if you have to be a Massachusetts resident to save with the U.Plan, how the U.Plan is considered when applying for financial aid, if Tuition Certificates are transferable, if family members can add to an account, and more.
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Have you saved yet in the U.Plan Prepaid Tuition Program? We often call the U.Plan Massachusetts' best-kept secret, as it allows you to lock in a percentage (up to 100%!) of current prices on tuition and mandatory fees at over 70 colleges and universities in the Commonwealth. That means when tuition costs increase, your college bill doesn't. You can lock in tuition for the upcoming academic year annually on July 15th, so keep that date in mind. To provide you further U.Plan facts, we answered some common questions below.

Do I have to be a Massachusetts resident to save with the U.Plan?

No. Both residents and non-residents of Massachusetts may save with the U.Plan.

Is my child guaranteed admission to a participating college?

No. Participation in the U.Plan has no bearing on the admissions process. There is no preferential treatment for students participating in the U.Plan.

How is the U.Plan considered when applying for financial aid?

The U.Plan is treated as an asset of the account owner. Up to 5.6% of parental assets is factored into the federal financial aid formula.

What happens if new colleges and universities join the program or participating ones withdraw from it?

If a college joins the program at a later date, it must honor Tuition Certificates purchased since the program started in 1995. If a school drops out of the program, it must honor all Tuition Certificates purchased prior to the year it withdrew from the program.

Are Tuition Certificates transferable?

While Tuition Certificates must be designated by the owner for use by a specific child, they may be transferred within the owner's family. You may request a change of ownership or beneficiary by notifying the U.Plan in writing or by downloading the Ownership Change Request Form or Beneficiary Change Request Form at

Can I use Tuition Certificates for part-time or continuing education?

Tuition Certificates are structured for use by full-time students at participating institutions. Use of Tuition Certificates to pay for courses taken by part-time or continuing education matriculating students, or students in certificate programs, is dependent on the approval of the particular participating institution. Please check with your college or university to see if funds may be used in these situations.

Can grandparents and other family members add to my account?

Yes, family members may add to your account by providing funds to the Account Owner.

Need more U.Plan details or ready to open an account? Head to our dedicated page where we offer U.Plan facts, videos, more FAQs, and a link to get started saving.

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