College Savings

One mom's saving for college success story

PauletteWe love stories of inspiration, especially when they highlight one of our families!

Billerica mom Paulette Ann Silva Glasser is a great example of how families can save enough for college. Paulette and her family used the U.Plan Prepaid Tuition Program to save enough to pay for her son's tuition at UMass Lowell for all four years. Her local newspaper, the Billerica Minuteman, featured Paulette in this week's edition. You can find her story here.

Paulette's a dental hygienist, and we love that she talks to all of her patients about the importance of saving for college. This is College Savings Month, so take some time this month to start saving for college, or increase your regular contribution to your college savings account. You can learn more about college savings options here. Let Paulette's story be the inspiration you need to get started today.