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Financial Aid

Word of the Day Wednesday: CSS ProfileTM


Each Wednesday, MEFA features a Word of the Day, where we highlight a word (or sometimes a phrase) related to the college planning process. This month, we’re focusing on vocabulary related to preparing for the financial aid process.

Today’s Word of the Day is CSS Profile.

All this month, we have been providing tips and guidance on getting prepared to start the financial aid process.  For today's Word of the Day, we've listed the 4 most common questions we receive about getting started with the CSS Profile:

  • Do all colleges require the CSS Profile?
    No, approximately 250 colleges, universities, and scholarship programs require the form to be completed. The Profile website has a listing of these schools and organizations. Check to see if your college(s) requires the form.

  • Should I wait until my taxes are completed before I complete the Profile?
    No! You should complete the form as soon as possible, to make sure you meet the deadlines of the colleges that require the form. The Profile website has information on how to update your tax information once you’ve filed your taxes.

  • My child already has a College Board account from the SATs. Is it necessary to create another one to complete the Profile?
    No, if your child already has a College Board account, you may log in under your child’s account to complete the Profile.

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