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Pay for College

Financial Aid Questions

After you receive your financial aid offer from the colleges to which you have been accepted, you may need to gather some additional information. The following are some important financial aid questions to ask your college financial aid office. Some of this information may be available during Open House programs, and may also be found on the Financial Aid page of college websites. The answers you learn will help your family as you make a plan to pay the college bill.

  1. What is included in the COA broken down by billed costs and incidentals?
  2. If I haven't applied for financial aid, is it still possible to do so and what financial aid forms are required?
  3. Are there merit-based scholarships? If the student did not receive a merit-based scholarship in the freshman offer, is it possible to still apply?
  4. Assuming cost and family responsibility remain constant, how will grant and loan amounts change from year to year? What if my situation changes?
  5. Are there conditions such as grade point average, enrollment status, or major to renew my scholarships and grants each year?
  6. Are students required to apply for financial aid even if they only receive a merit scholarship?
  7. How does the college treat outside scholarships in the financial aid package?
  8. What does the college estimate the total student debt will be upon graduation?
  9. What is the college's job placement rate?
  10. How can I appeal my financial aid offer?
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