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A college education is one of the most important goals you will ever pursue, so it’s important to start planning as early as possible. Throughout the process — from saving money, to choosing and applying to schools, to paying the bills — you can rely on MEFA’s expertise to help you make informed decisions.

Saving for College

When it comes to saving for college expenses, sooner is definitely better. MEFA is here to help you get started the right way. We offer unparalleled experience, objective guidance, and low-cost products that are designed to help you reach your goals. Learn More

Applying to College

The process of applying to college begins before you fill out an application. You should start by developing a list of schools that interest you, and it’s a good idea to visit campuses before you apply. Once you reach the application phase, be sure to coordinate the various requirements — including interviews and recommendations — and meet all of the deadlines. Learn More

Paying for College

Where will you find the money to pay for college? Probably from a variety of sources. Most people rely on a combination of past income that’s invested in a college savings plan, current income from salaries and gifts, several types of financial aid, and sometimes private loans. Learn More

MEFA Pathway Your Plan for the Future

MEFA Pathway offers tools and support to help students plan for and navigate a successful path from middle school to high school, on to post-secondary education, and into a career. Learn More


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What to Expect After You Save in the U.Plan

In November you’ll receive your U.Plan Annual Statement, which includes the amount you saved for each maturity year, and a Tuition Percentages Report, which reflects the percentage of tuition and mandatory fees that you locked in at each of the participating schools.

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MEFA Podcasts

Listen as MEFA’s experts share guidance on a variety of college planning topics, from saving to academics to paying for college costs.

MEFA Pathway Your Plan for the Future

MEFA Pathway helps students learn about themselves and plan for the future by providing interactive tools and informative resources to set students on a path toward college and career success

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