Training and Events

MEFA’s free training and events are specifically designed to help you better serve college-bound students and earn Professional Development Points (PDP).

Our offerings include on-site training sessions, live and recorded webinars, and professional conference seminars — all of which are aligned with MASCA’s MA Model and the Massachusetts Career Development Education (CDE) Benchmarks. Learn More

Virtual Kit

We send a Counselor Virtual Kit at the beginning of every school year to help you as you guide families through the college preparation process. If you misplaced your kit, you can access the contents below. And if you didn’t receive one, sign up for our emails to make sure you do next year.

Future Ready Mentor Toolkit

Future Ready’s Mentor Toolkit provides information and resources to help mentors guide middle and high school students through college planning. Download the Toolkit.

College Planning Topics

To give you everyday access to all the information you need about college planning, we offer comprehensive resources for school counselors on a wide range of topics related to:

MEFA Pathway Your Plan for the Future

We also provide assistance with MEFA Pathway, the free college and career planning portal for Massachusetts students. Contact Jennifer Bento-Pinyoun for more information or to sign up your school

MEFA Seminars for Families

We coordinate with high schools and community organizations to conduct free, on-site seminars for students and parents.

These seminars, conducted by MEFA staff and other industry experts, cover a range of topics related to college planning. Learn More

Materials for Spanish-Speaking Families

To further our reach across the Commonwealth, we provide college planning materials, as well as seminars and webinars, in Spanish. Learn More

All the Support You Need

At MEFA, we are committed to providing school counselor resources and helping you provide guidance for college-bound students and their families.

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  • Encourage the families you’re working with to contact MEFA directly for information and guidance.
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Financial Aid

What We Learned About College Affordability: A Twitter Chat Recap

Read what we learned about creating a financial plan, financial aid options, financial planning, financial aid timelines, and staying on top of payments throughout college.

MEFA Pathway Your Plan for the Future

MEFA Pathway helps students learn about themselves and plan for the future by providing interactive tools and informative resources to set students on a path toward college and career success

Visit the Website

It’s Never Too Late to Start Saving

MEFA’s U.Fund is the Massachusetts 529 college savings plan that lets you save for higher education expenses at colleges and universities across the country.

Start Saving