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Word of the Day Wednesday: Campus Visit

Word of the Day Wednesday: Campus Visit
Each Wednesday, MEFA will feature a Word of the Day where we’ll highlight a word (or sometimes a phrase) related to the college planning process. This month, we’re focusing on vocabulary related to college admissions.

Today’s Word of the Day is Campus Visit.

The campus visit is an important part of the college admissions process, and allows prospective students and their families to tour a college, hear from current students and admissions staff, and get a feel for the campus. Campus visits often allow students to sit in on a current college class, take a look at a student dormitory room, and eat in the college’s dining facilities. To make the most of a campus visit, follow our guidelines below:

  • Sign up. Almost every college offers official tours for prospective students and their families. Contact the admissions office or view their website to find out upcoming dates and times, and make sure to sign up beforehand if it’s required. Check the campus map before you leave to find visitor parking lots.

  • Be prepared. Before you arrive on campus, think of the information you want to learn about the college, and ask questions about anything you don’t find out during the tour. Those questions might include:

    • How big is a typical class?

    • Is my major or academic program of interest offered?

    • What types of clubs and organizations exist?

    • What special academic opportunities are available (study abroad, co-ops, honors program, etc.)?

    • Are merit scholarships available? What percentage of each student’s financial need is met?

  • Take notes. As you tour each campus, take notes of what you observe and the information you learn, such as the layout of the campus, interesting academic programs, and special admissions opportunities. Leave time after each visit to process your thoughts as a family and share your reflections and opinions of each school.

  • Take advantage of special opportunities. Some colleges allow students to stay overnight as a guest of a current student, observing college life first hand and attending classes and activities for the day. Contact the admissions office to see what’s offered at each school.

Why does this matter to you?

If you’re a student applying to college, or a parent of a student applying to college, the campus visit can help you learn more about each school and trim down your final college list. Try to visit as many campuses as possible in the remaining weeks of summer and throughout the fall. And as you enter into the admissions process, stay in step with MEFA. Our website provides key information and guidance on every aspect of applying to college. Visit our admissions section here.



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