Ready to Complete the Common App?

Read up on several resources the Common App provides on its website to help you create an account, add an advisor, watch videos, search for schools, set up a practice account, complete the application, reach out for assistance, and connect on social media.
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Over 1,000 colleges and universities use the Common App in the college admissions process, so you'll likely need to complete it if you're applying to college next year. The Common App allows you to send one application to multiple colleges, which makes your life easier. But colleges can also add on additional questions and ask for writing supplements, so check the requirements for every school and make sure to submit a complete application to each one.

To help you (and those advising you) navigate the application process, the Common App provides several resources on its website. Access these anytime over the next several months.

  • Common App Ready provides presentations and video tutorials on different aspects of the application, including recommendations, fee waivers, and creating an account. It also includes general tips and best practices, as well as resources in Spanish.
  • If you have someone besides your school counselor assisting you with the college admissions process, such as a mentor at a college access organization, you can invite that person to serve as an Advisor within your Common App. Advisors can preview your application (but not make any edits) in order to provide assistance and check your progress. You can invite up to three individuals to serve as Advisors.
  • Want to find out which schools use the Common App? You can search by name or region, or simply view the entire list.
  • Not sure where to begin? These four steps tell you how to start your Common App, and include helpful links and pro tips.
  • You might have questions as you journey through this application process, so check this list of resources to find out information you need.
  • The Common App is on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube, so like, visit, and connect to receive updates, reminders, and tips.
  • Need some assistance? The Student Solutions Center provides helpful articles, the ability to search by topic, and a contact form that boasts an average response time of under one hour.

Ready to get started? Visit to create an account. And as you navigate the college admissions process, reference MEFA's website anytime. We detail each step of applying to college, and include plenty of videos, links, and articles to keep you informed and on track.

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