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Partner Spotlight: MASFAA

Learn about MASFAA, an organization that empowers its members to be educated, engaged, and effective professionals.
Man presenting to families

As fall rolls around, it's also the time of year when financial aid professionals from across the Commonwealth gather for the annual MASFAA (Massachusetts Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators) Conference. Beyond the great professional development opportunities and sessions, my favorite part of the conference is running into one familiar friendly face after another.

At MEFA, many of us have "grown up" together attending MASFAA conferences and we have developed longstanding friendships and professional networks with fellow MASFAA members who work across colleges, lending institutions, and non-profit organizations.

MEFA-ites have volunteered for various MASFAA committees and leadership positions over the years. From working on Early Awareness and Government Relations committees, to heading up FAFSA® Day, and even teaching MASFAA newbies the basics of financial aid through 'Just The Facts',  we have been able to further MEFA's and MASFAA's missions simultaneously. This shared commitment to helping others has also helped to create a multitude of professional growth and development opportunities.

MASFAA members from all different types of institutions volunteer at MEFA events each year to help families understand the financial aid process. With the help of these volunteers, MEFA is able to provide these webinars to Massachusetts families each year. We are grateful for all of the MASFAA members that provide guidance to families on behalf of MEFA and their own institutions. 

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