Key insights on College Admissions

At MEFA, we know that if you have a junior in high school, you've likely started thinking ahead to the college admissions process. Over this past month, we have been traveling throughout the Commonwealth sharing expert information about college admissions, including current trends, with parents and students about to embark on the process. We will be in many more communities in the upcoming weeks, and we invite you to join us at a seminar in or near your area. You can check our events calendar here.

If you're not able to spend time with us in person, we have the next best thing. We've recorded a comprehensive overview of our college admissions presentation, given by one of our college planning experts. You can view the presentation here. In it, we answer:

    • How do I prepare for the admissions process?

    • What are the components of the college application?

    • How do I build a college list?

If you have any questions about applying to college, we're here to help. Reach out to us at or 800-449-MEFA (6332). Or you can reach us on Twitter @MEFAtweets or on Facebook.