Countdown to May 1: the college decision


Can you believe that May 1st is right around the corner? I bet when you started this college application  journey almost a year ago, you didn't believe that this day would actually arrive. I know that many students have made that final decision of which college to attend, but I have spoken with many of you that are acutely aware that the clock is ticking and time is running out to make that choice! Below are a few quick tips to keep you on track to meet that May 1st deadline:

    1. Your financial aid offers have arrived by now. As you compare them, make sure that you compare "apples to apples!" To help you do that, use the MEFA College Cost Calculator to determine your family's financial responsibility at each school.

    1. "Fit" is such a vague word, yet one that is so critical in the college decision process. In determining college fit, lots of factors are important, including college size, location, affordability, and academics.

    1. Trust your instincts! If it feels right, it probably is right!

I remember the day that each of my children made their college decision as if it was yesterday; the sense of accomplishment and relief is something I will not forget. Once the decision was made, they stepped into the role of the soon-to-be college student, looking at the world through a new lens. High school was soon to be in the rearview mirror and the excitement they felt about their new life was energizing!

As you navigate these summer months, and juggle all that comes with the next steps to college, know that MEFA is here every step of the way to help guide you. Call us at 1-800-449-6332, email us at, or stop by the fourth floor of 160 Federal Street in Boston…we are happy to help.