6 Things College Students Can Do to Prepare for Next Year

Tasks include registering for classes, figuring out housing, re-applying for financial aid, signing up for a meal plan, applying for special programs and job opportunities, and finishing strong.
Female college student walking on campus planning how to prepare for next year

With the spring semester ending in just about two months (really!), it's time for college students to start planning for next year. We've put together a list to keep students organized and on track as they look ahead to the fall semester. Share this list with the college students in your life, and encourage them to check off each task before summer vacation begins.

  1. Register for classes. Check with your college to find out when registration starts, and sign up quickly to ensure your spot in each class
  2. Figure out housing. If you're staying on campus, you might have to enter a housing lottery, and you'll likely have paperwork to complete. If you're moving into an off-campus apartment or house, you'll need to secure your roommates and sign your lease, and you might need to notify your college of your plans so you don't get billed for campus housing.
  3. Re-apply for financial aid. You're required to file the FAFSA® each year, and your college may request additional applications or documents. Make sure you submit everything time to ensure you don't miss out on financial aid.
  4. Sign up for your meal plan. If you intend to eat on campus next year, review your dining options and enroll in the plan that works best for your schedule and lifestyle.
  5. Apply for special programs and job opportunities. If you're planning to study abroad, do an internship, participate in a co-op or part-time job, or take advantage of any other college program or employment, make sure you've submitted all necessary applications and forms.
  6. Finish strong. Your academic program and any financial aid you receive likely require you to maintain a certain GPA. Make sure you stay focused through the end of finals in order to avoid any type of academic or financial aid probation.

As you plan for each year of college, stay in step with MEFA. Our website provides guidance and resources for current college students. Check back regularly for updates.