Partner Spotlight

Partner Spotlight: Massachusetts Business Alliance for Education


MEFA is proud to highlight the Massachusetts Business Alliance for Education (MBAE) as our Partner Spotlight for the month of June. The MBAE is committed to a high quality public education system that will prepare all students to engage successfully in a global economy and society.  MBAE brings together business and education leaders to promote education policies and practices based on measurable standards of achievement, accountability for performance, and equitable educational opportunities for all students. One of the important initiatives launched by MBAE this year is Future Ready Massachusetts, a public awareness campaign that highlights the tools and resources available across the Commonwealth to make students ready for college and career.

MEFA works collaboratively with MBAE on the Future Ready initiative by providing tools and resources to help prepare students for their future. Recently, MEFA was highlighted on the Future Ready website with our blog, "Saving for College with MEFA." The blog highlights the importance of having a plan to pay for college, and stresses that saving for college over time is a significant component of that.  You can check out the blog here.