MEFA Institute<sup>™</sup>: FAFSA Simplification Overview & Updates
If you’ve been overwhelmed by all the FAFSA Simplification information that has trickled out and want an overview of the details you need to know, or you haven’t had the time to learn all the new updates, we’re here to help with our FAFSA Simplification overview webinar for college administrators. We discuss new terms, the updated formula, Pell calculations, the concept of contributors and the FSA ID, foreseen challenges, and best practices.
MEFA Pathway’s My Resume Tool
Learn how students can use MEFA Pathway's My Resume tool to record their profile details, such as clubs, sports, awards, and skills, that will feed into their resume. Once students create a resume, they can easily delete or add items, create multiple drafts, add an objective, and download the resume. To use this tool, visit MEFA Pathway and create an account.
MEFA Institute<sup>™</sup>: Learn About My Career and Academic Plan (MyCAP)
Interested in learning more about MyCAP, DESE’s My Career and Academic Plan, and how this approach is beneficial to students’ postsecondary pathway? This webinar is for you. Hear middle school and high school counselors share their experience and insight on implementing the MyCAP model in their district. Invite your principal, school counseling team, administration, and anyone else who wants to hear about the process and the tools used to support and guide students on their journey.
Federal vs. Private Student Loans
Learn the difference between these two types of student loans. Federal student loans are given by the federal government and are available to any student who files the FAFSA. They have the same interest rate for every student and offer various income-based repayment plans. Private loans come from banks, credit unions, and state-based lenders. They require a credit check, offer an interest rate based on credit score, and have stricter repayment terms. For more information, read our blog post, Private Student Loans vs. Federal Student Loans: What's the Difference?
Fixed vs. Variable Student Loan Interest Rates
Learn the difference between these two types of interest rates. Fixed interest rate loans always have the same interest rate until they are paid off, while variable interest rate loans have interest rates that go or down depending on the market. For more information, read our blog post, What's the Difference Between Fixed and Variable Interest Rates?
Attending College as a First-Generation Student
Two first-generation college graduates share their experiences with college, what they are most proud of, and their advice to other first-generation students.
Ayuda Económica para la Universidad 101
Este seminario web, presentado en español, ofrecerá información y claridad sobre todo el proceso de solicitud de ayuda económica para la universidad. Usted aprenderá sobre las solicitudes y los tipos de asistencia financiera, los factores que determinan la elegibilidad, las maneras en que las universidades determinan cuánta ayuda ofrecen y los detalles de las ofertas.
Create and Update a Resume with MEFA Pathway
Learn how students in grades 6-12 can use the My Resume feature in MEFA Pathway to record all of the activities they are participating in, both in and out of school, and apply these details to create a resume.
The MEFA Institute<sup>™</sup>: Using Social Media to Communicate with Families
This webinar covers how to use social media, such as Facebook and Twitter, e-mail, and other tools to communicate with families. We review the different types of social media, how to post, like, comment, and share, and provide resources for extra assistance.
MEFA Institute<sup>™</sup>: How to Execute FAFSA Simplification at Your College
This webinar for college administrators will focus on the lesser-known elements of FAFSA Simplification to help you execute an implementation plan for your institution. Topics include enrollment intensity, the draft FAFSA, emergency aid, and foreign income.