College Admissions
The college search and application process can be overwhelming. This webinar will help you establish a personalized admissions road map by addressing topics such as current trends in admissions, building a balanced list of colleges, and the different components of the college application including transcripts, essays, and interviews.
What to Know about the Digital SAT
The SAT, offered by College Board, is changing. The paper SAT that students used to take is being replaced by a digital test. We break down everything you need to know, including what’s new on the test and how to best prepare, in our short video. And to learn more about the digital SAT, visit
College Planning for Middle School Families
If you have a child in middle school, now is the perfect time to start thinking about college (it's never too early!). This webinar covers the many reasons to attend college, how to prepare academically, the basics of college cost and financial aid, and different ways to save. Download the webinar slides to follow along.
Applying for College Scholarships
In this webinar, you'll learn key scholarship facts, how to use online search engines to find scholarships, and plenty of helpful tips to use in your search.
What to Know about College Fit
When you’re just beginning to search for colleges, every one you look at can feel like an exciting possibility. Learn how to narrow your search to the right group of schools and find the one that fits you best by considering size, location, campus culture, academics, and cost. To learn more about applying to college, visit
Attainable<sup>®</sup> Savings Plan Overview in SPANISH
The Attainable® Savings Plan allows individuals with disabilities and their families to save for disability-related expenses without losing eligibility for federal means-tested benefits. In this webinar, in SPANISH, we review the benefits, eligibility requirements, and plan details of Attainable®, and explain how to easily set up an account. Download a copy of the webinar slides to follow along.
MEFA Institute<sup>™</sup>: Everything You Need to Know about Tuition Break
Did you know that New England residents can enroll at out-of-state public colleges at a discount? In this webinar, presented by Jonathan Gowin, Director of Tuition Break for the New England Board of Higher Education, earn more about Tuition Break, a savings program specifically for New England residents that can save families approximately $9,000 per year. Over 2,500 degree programs are available.
Popular Places Tool in MEFA Pathway
Learn how students in grades 6-12 can use the Popular Places tool in MEFA Pathway to determine the locations across the United States where the highest concentration of jobs and skills are needed.
Financial Planning with ABLE Accounts
With an Attainable® Savings Plan, individuals with disabilities and their families can save for qualified disability expenses while keeping benefits such as Supplemental Security Income and Medicaid. In this webinar Cynthia Haddad, Certified Financial Planner at Affinia Financial Group, discusses the key features of ABLE accounts and shares real-life examples of how clients utilize these accounts to benefit themselves or family members.
Financial Aid 101 (Chinese)
This webinar provides information and clarity on the entire college financial aid application process. Learn about financial aid applications and types of financial aid, the factors that determine your aid eligibility, how colleges determine the amount of aid to offer, and the details of financial aid offers.