The Facts on MassTransfer

Learn how MassTransfer can make a bachelor's degree more affordable. what the benefits are based on GPA, and how to take the next steps of planning, applying, and enrolling to a Massachusetts 4-year public college or university.
Student learning about MassTransfer

You may be entering a Massachusetts community college for your associate's degree and perhaps not thinking beyond that. But for those of you who plan to earn a bachelor's degree after your time at community college, you're in luck. There's a program in our state called MassTransfer that provides several benefits for students transitioning from a MA community college to a MA 4-year public college or university.

MassTransfer guarantees transfer admission from an associate's to a bachelor's degree program (A2B) and has powerful savings for students and their families. Prior to MassTransfer, the Massachusetts public higher education system had multiple different transfer agreements among the 29 different campuses, making it tough for students to find out the requirements to transfer. MassTransfer makes it easier and more affordable for students to earn a bachelor's degree in Massachusetts.

The MassTransfer website allows students to map out their college education and find out the most affordable options. The website also includes a savings calculator to show how much students can save by starting at a community college.

Once students graduate from their community college program, they can receive the following MassTransfer benefits as they transition to their 4-year college or university, based on their final community college GPA.

2.0 GPA

  • No admission fee or required essay
  • Transfer of 60 credits applied to the bachelor's degree
  • Automatic satisfaction of the general education requirements at the 4-year institution

2.5 GPA

  • All of the above benefits plus guaranteed admission

3.0 GPA

  • All of the above benefits plus students who attend full time also have the opportunity to participate in the Commonwealth Commitment. The Commonwealth Commitment further rewards students with a freeze on tuition & fees, and 10% end-of-semester rebates.

To begin the MassTransfer process, explore this checklist, which will walk you through the steps of planning, applying, and enrolling as your prepare for your transfer. Even if you've just started at your community college, it's important to look ahead to ensure you complete the necessary academic and administrative requirements to properly participate in the program.

We encourage you to also use the MassTransfer Benefits tool within MEFA Pathway to design your own MassTransfer plan and see how much you can save by combining a community college education with attendance at a 4-year MA public college or university. Simply visit, log in or register for a free account, and select MassTransfer Benefits under the Search Colleges tab to get started.

Beginning your college career at a community college can lower your educational costs dramatically.  When you graduate, instead of hefty loan payments, you'll likely have more money in your pocket for fun. It's a great deal worth exploring!

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