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Summer Months Lend Themselves to New Pathways

Students can use MEFA Pathway this summer to engage in college planning activities specific to their grade level such as taking Get to Know Yourself assessments, creating a Profile, building a Career List, adding Goals and Strategies, creating a College List, building a Scholarship List, and using the Application Manager.
Boy using laptop to access MEFA Pathway

Students look forward to summer break, but it's often a challenging time for parents. When I was young, we kept ourselves relatively busy hanging out with siblings and friends, but our parents didn't feel obligated to fill every free moment. Times are different now, and parents get stressed about the need to keep their kids busy during the summer months. As a parent, I've witnessed boredom set in quickly and know that having suggestions ready in your back pocket to keep a child occupied serves everyone well.

If you have a son or daughter entering grades 9-12, you should know about MEFA Pathway, a valuable, engaging resource that can help students stay busy as they learn about themselves and progress through the stages of post-secondary planning. The online tool provides a timeline specific to each grade level, which shows activities that students can work on, along with progress made and important dates.

Here are suggested activities for each grade level:

Grade 9

  • Go to and register for an account
  • Begin creating your Profile
  • Take the Get to Know Yourself assessments
  • Start exploring careers and building a Career List
  • Add short and long-term Goals and StrategiesMEFA Pathway Career List

Grade 10

  • Update your Profile
  • Assess your Goals and Strategies and set new ones
  • Retake the Get to Know Yourself assessments and compare to previous results
  • Use Match Me to see which colleges may be a good fit
  • Start adding schools to your College ListMEFA Pathway Goals and Strategies

Grade 11

  • Update your Profile
  • Retake the Get to Know Yourself assessments and compare to previous results
  • Assess your Goals and Strategies and set new ones
  • Use College Compare and update your College List with schools that are a good fit
  • Explore Pay for College, search for scholarships, and start a Scholarship List
  • Start recording deadlines for applications, financial aid, and scholarshipsMEFA Pathway College Compare

Grade 12

  • Update your Profile
  • Update your Scholarship List and keep track of deadlines
  • Use the Application Manager to track application requirements and record your progress as you submit all admissions applications
  • Use the College Cost Calculator to compare financial aid offers
  • Use the Loan Cost Estimator to calculate potential loan costsMEFA Pathway Scholarship List

So parents, keep this website handy and when your child is looking for something to do this summer, suggest You can also log in with your child to explore together the many resources MEFA Pathway offers. Get your family started on the journey toward college and career planning and success.

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