Refinancing: A Solution for Student Loan Repayment

With a MEFA REFI Loan, borrowers can refinance any eligible federal or private college loan, stay better organized with just one simple loan payment, and free up additional cash each month.
Woman using computer to learn about MEFA REFI loans

Our mission here at MEFA has always been to help make college accessible and affordable for students and families. As a state authority with an essential public function, we provide valuable information, expert guidance, and financial resources to help students pursue a college degree. To that end, we're excited to share information about the MEFA Education Refinancing (REFI) Loan, which provides additional assistance to individuals repaying education loans.

The MEFA REFI Loan allows education loan borrowers to combine all of their loan debt into one refinanced loan designed to provide a lower monthly payment. With this loan product, borrowers can:

  • Refinance any eligible federal or private college loan
  • Stay better organized with just one simple loan payment
  • Receive a fixed interest rate with a stable monthly payment amount
  • Free up additional cash each month

Simply put, the MEFA REFI Loan provides a solution for education loan borrowers seeking a better way to manage and afford their monthly loan payments. And, of course, the MEFA REFI Loan comes with the service and commitment that defines who we are. Everything about our loan is transparent, so potential borrowers will know the costs and conditions upfront. And we're available through phone and email to answer your questions and provide any additional information needed.

To learn more about the MEFA REFI Loan, visited our dedicated webpage here, call us at (855) 433-REFI (7334), or email us at

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