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Providing College Guidance for Undocumented Youth

We partner with school counselors and college access professionals throughout the year to help provide information and guidance to families as they plan for college. If you’re a school counselor, teacher, or mentor, you may have asked us recently about information to help undocumented youth, a specific population of students in Massachusetts, many of whom desire to attend college. We’re pleased to share with you a resource that the U.S. Department of Education recently published that should help as you guide these students and their families through the college planning process.

The 63-page guide provides legal information, financial aid eligibility details, specifics on DACA, and a substantial list of scholarships, all in effort to help undocumented youth pursue a college education. Important links and additional resources are included throughout. Use the guide to better support the students in your school or community. You can download the resource from the U.S. Department of Education website here.

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