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My Journal Helps Students Record Their MEFA Pathway Progress

Students can use the My Journal feature, a tool inspired by the MyCAP model, to record their thoughts, reactions, and decisions as they progress through activities within MEFA Pathway.
Student using laptop to access My Journal in MEFA Pathway

As students explore college and career options through MEFA Pathway, it's helpful for them to record their thoughts, reactions, and decisions as they progress through activities within the tool. The My Journal feature within MEFA Pathway allows them to do just that.

The development of this tool was inspired by our work with the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE) and the middle and high schools embracing the MyCAP model, which helps students prepare for college and career.


Many of the MEFA Pathway lesson plans for school counselors include directing students to create an entry in My Journal. This entry serves as a response to an activity, and documents the student's participation. The feature is dynamic in the way that students can add a My Journal entry from any page within MEFA Pathway, with the applicable topic auto-populating. Students have the option to share their written piece with their school counselor or deem it private. All entries appear on the main page and can be sorted by grade, type, and date of submission. The My Journal page is accessible under the Create Profile tab.

My Journal

MEFA Pathway is an interactive and engaging web portal that plays a key role in the Commonwealth's efforts around college and career readiness. By increasing access to information about higher education and career path options and opportunities, MEFA Pathway is tailored to meet the needs of diverse populations in Massachusetts. A goal of this interactive and engaging platform is that every student has equal opportunity to take advantage of the features and resources offered. MEFA takes user feedback very seriously and the My Journal enhancement to MEFA Pathway is a testament to that.

Students can easily create an account by visiting and clicking I am a Student and then Register Here. They'll be on their way to setting the groundwork for post-secondary planning and success. 

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