Paying for College

The Future is Here: College Decision Time

It's an exciting time here at MEFA, as we transition into one of our favorite seasons of the year – helping high school seniors and their families with the college decision and enrollment process. If there's a college-bound student in your household, you're likely anticipating the arrival of college acceptances and financial aid offers, and you may be overwhelmed with the decision that needs to be made in the coming weeks. We understand your stress. Determining where to attend college, and more importantly, how to pay for it, can bring headaches, heartache and a good amount of confusion to the lives of high school students and their parents. In recognition of this significant and overwhelming process, folks here at MEFA put their heads together five years ago and developed a program to offer valuable and timely assistance to Massachusetts families making the college enrollment decision. Welcome to: After the Acceptance.

MEFA's After the Acceptance program aims to provide college-bound students and their parents with all the knowledge and tools they need to make the decision (and make it wisely) of where to attend college and how to pay for it. We've got over 30 seminars scheduled for late March and throughout April in locations across the Commonwealth to provide information and advice to families. Attend one of these seminars to receive a thorough overview of financial aid offers, payment plans, student loans and the college bill. We love chatting with folks one-on-one immediately following the presentation to answer questions about specific financial aid offers or to discuss a family's financing options. If you can't make it to a seminar, we've got five webinars scheduled in the next month and a half, in both English and Spanish.

And regardless of whether or not you're able to attend a MEFA seminar, you can head over to our website for After the Acceptance guidance and resources. Hoping to better understand the terms used on those financial aid offers? We've got a fact sheet for that. Want to determine exactly what you'll owe at each college or university? Take a look at our College Cost Calculator. Need to create your personal plan to finance college costs? Read our wise borrowing tips and employ our

Have any additional questions or just want to talk this thing out? Call us! We're here all day, and you can always email us too. You can also sign up for MEFA emails right on our website to ensure that you receive the great little snippets of information that we send out every few weeks to ensure that families are on track with the entire college planning process. We're looking forward to journeying with you through this exciting time. Good luck with those decisions, and we'll talk to you soon.