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Are You My Mother? Defining Parents on the FAFSA

Review the guidelines on reporting FAFSA parental information to find out who does and does not get listed on the FAFSA.
Mother and daughter moving into college

The FAFSA® collects financial and household information from the student applicant and his or her parent(s). Each student's family situation will determine which parents must report their information on the FAFSA. Follow the guidelines below when reporting FAFSA parental information.

  • Students living with their married mother and father: report both parents on the FAFSA
  • Students with divorced or separated parents: report the parent that provides more financial support for the student on the FAFSA, as well as that parent's current spouse, if there is one. The other parent is not listed on the FAFSA
  • Students with married same-sex parents: report both parents on the FAFSA
  • Students living with both their mother and father, who were never married: report both parents on the FAFSA
  • Students living with one parent and that parent's current, unmarried partner (same-sex or opposite sex): report only the parent on the FAFSA. The partner is not reported on the FAFSA unless the partner has legally adopted the student

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