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Announcing MEFA Pathway Site Translation

Learn how you can now translate the MEFA Pathway website into 5 languages: Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese, Vietnamese, and English.
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MEFA Pathway is a dynamic web portal that plays a key role in the Commonwealth's efforts around college and career readiness.  By increasing access to information about higher education and career path opportunities, MEFA Pathway is tailored to meet the needs of diverse populations within MA. A goal of this interactive and engaging platform is that every student has equal opportunity to take advantage of the features and resources offered. MEFA takes user feedback very seriously and the most recent enhancement to MEFA Pathway is a testament to that.

We are excited to announce that the MEFA Pathway student portal can now be translated into 5 languages: Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese, Vietnamese, and English. It's so easy! Use the toggle feature at the top right of any page and select the language of your choice, and the entire site will translate. This expansion into other languages allows us to reach a broader swath of students to help support post-high school planning. We look forward to incorporating Haitian Creole as an offering soon.

Students can easily create an account in MEFA Pathway and instantly gain access to powerful tools and information. Encourage the students you know in grades 6-12 to register now! They just need to go to, select I am a Student, and click Register Here. They'll be on their way to setting the groundwork for post-secondary planning and success.  

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