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The MEFA Institute<sup>™</sup>: Learn How to Connect Assessment Results to Career Options with MEFA Pathway
In this webinar for school counselors and college access professionals, learn how the interests and values inventories in MEFA Pathway, MEFA’s free college and career planning portal, can help students discover which careers may fit them best. In addition, find out how students can start a careers list based upon criteria specific to them.
The MEFA Institute<sup>™</sup>: Search for Scholarships in MEFA Pathway
Learn how MEFA Pathway, MEFA’s free college and career planning portal, can help students find available scholarships, build a list of scholarships, and manage deadlines and awards. Also learn how to add Local Scholarships to the Counselor Portal for students to view and apply.
The MEFA Institute<sup>TM</sup>: Understanding MA State Financial Aid
This webinar provides an overview of the state-based financial aid programs in Massachusetts. Join Dr. Clantha McCurdy, Senior Deputy Commissioner of Access and Student Financial Assistance, as she discusses each of these programs and highlights some initiatives by the Commonwealth of MA and Office of Student Financial Assistance (OSFA). Live transcription will be available.
The MEFA Institute<sup>™</sup>: Counseling Students with Unique Circumstances
This webinar, presented by Suellen Dean, Senior Assistant Director of Financial Aid at Assumption University, Kevin DeRuosi, Associate Director of Special Programs and Compliance at Salem State University, and Karensa DiFonzo, Director of Student Financial Services at Wellesley College, provides guidance for school counselors and college access professionals in working with families with unique circumstances throughout the financial aid process. Topics include independent students, undocumented students, nontraditional parent families, and financial aid appeals.
The MEFA Institute<sup>™</sup>: A Deep Dive into the CSS Profile
This webinar for school counselors and college access professionals, presented by Gail Holt of Amherst College, introduces the nuts and bolts of the CSS Profile, a financial aid application required by roughly 200 colleges, universities, and scholarship agencies across the country. Topics include tips on completing the CSS Profile, specific financial and household data collected, and how colleges and universities use the application information.
The MEFA Institute<sup>™</sup>: Supporting Undocumented Students
While undocumented students face many barriers to college, it is still possible for them to get a college education. In this webinar, presented by Andrea Keenan, Director of College and Career Counseling at Excel Academy Charter Schools, attendees learn about admissions standards at both public and private universities, leading into a discussion about how to maximize credits and time for DACA and undocumented students through dual-enrollment and concurrent enrollment opportunities across states, high schools, and community colleges.
The MEFA Institute<sup>TM</sup> Financial Aid 101 for School Counselors
This webinar provide school counselors and college access professionals with an overview of the college financial aid process, including financial aid applications and eligibility, how colleges determine how much aid to offer, and the details of financial aid offers. This webinar is for counselors who want to get a good understanding of the basics of the financial aid process.
The MEFA Institute<sup>TM</sup>: Helping Students and Parents Approach the College Choice Process Systematically
This webinar, presented by Dr. Amanda Sterk, Director of Accelerated Programs, Florida Southwestern State College and Dr. Timothy Poynton, Associate Professor at the University of Massachusetts Boston, two experienced educators with a passion for bringing tools and strategies to school counselors, help you assist your students with the college choice process using a strategy called LEADS. You can be able to take the strategies and tools shared during this webinar and immediately start using them as your work with students and families.
The MEFA Institute<sup>™</sup>: A Deep Dive into the FAFSA
This webinar for school counselors and college access professionals will provide a detailed overview of the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), including step-by-step instructions on completing the application, helpful tips on answering questions correctly, and important next steps.
The MEFA Institute<sup>™</sup>: Using Social Media to Communicate with Families
This webinar covers how to use social media, such as Facebook and Twitter, e-mail, and other tools to communicate with families. We review the different types of social media, how to post, like, comment, and share, and provide resources for extra assistance.