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Welcome to the MEFA Podcast
Welcome to the MEFA Podcast, where you'll find conversations with experts about every step of planning, saving, and paying for college and reaching financial goals. Listen to every episode on our podcast page or wherever you get your podcasts.
MEFA's Mission - A Message from the Executive Director
Hear from MEFA Executive Director Thomas Graf how MEFA helps families like yours plan, save, and pay for college.
How MEFA's Experts Can Help You Plan, Save, and Pay for College
Learn the types of expertise that MEFA brings to the table, and how our experts can help you figure out financial aid, borrowing for college, and more.
College Advice for Out-of-State Students Coming to Massachusetts
Learn the resources and expertise MEFA has to offer to students coming to Massachusetts for college from out of state.
How MEFA Advice Made a Difference
Hear a personal story from Julie Shields-Rutyna, Director of College Planning at MEFA, of just how powerful MEFA's impact is when it comes to helping families pay for college. The financial aid process can be daunting, but MEFA is here to help every step of the way.