Tips for Resuming Federal Student Loan Repayment 

Follow these tips to be proactive in successfully returning to repayment on your federal student loans

Log in to the federal student aid websiteLog in to the Federal Student Aid website 

Your loan servicer can provide guidance and assistance with different repayment options. Information on your loans and loan servicer can be found by logging in to the Federal Student Aid website.

Update your contact infoUpdate your contact information

Check with your servicer to make sure your address, phone number, and email address are up to date so they are able to notify you about important information, such as your payment due date, upcoming interest, and payment amount once the payment pause ends. 

make a budget Make a budget and fit in repayment

Take a few minutes to analyze your income and expenses. Then think about how to fit your monthly student loan payment into your budget and plans.

explore all repayment plansExplore all repayment plans

If your monthly payment is too high for your budget, the federal government offers numerous repayment options to help you lower your monthly payment and better manage your repayment obligation. Use the Loan Simulator to explore your repayment options. 

know where to find assistanceKnow where to find assistance

Your loan servicer may assist you in navigating your student loans as repayment resumes, so stay in touch with them. There are also many organizations across the country like MEFA who are available to assist you with questions about repaying your student loans.  

Visit the Federal Student Aid Website
The Federal Student Aid website provides information on how to prepare for loan payments to begin again.
Contact Your Servicer
If you don't know your federal loan servicer or how to contact them, log in to the Federal Student Aid website to find out that information. Your loan servicer can provide guidance and assistance with different repayment options.

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