The U.Plan is extremely flexible and features a large network of participating colleges and universities, both public and private. Our partnership with these institutions began more than 30 years ago — even before we introduced the U.Plan — and today it’s stronger than ever.

The list below shows participating U.Plan schools and each school’s tuition and mandatory fees, and, for illustrative purposes, shows the percentage of these costs that is locked in with contributions of $1,500 and $3,000.

Note: The links for participating U.Plan schools will take you away from the MEFA website.

Participating School2019-2020 Tuition & Fees*A $1,500 contribution locks in this percentage:A $3,000 contribution locks in this percentage:
American International College$36,9304.06%8.12%
Amherst College$58,6402.56%5.12%
Anna Maria College$38,6303.88%7.77%
Assumption College$42,3163.54%7.09%
Babson College$52,6082.85%5.70%
Bay Path University$35,0804.28%8.55%
Benjamin Franklin Institute of Technology$17,5508.55%17.09%
Bentley University$51,8302.89%5.79%
Berklee College of Music$45,6603.29%6.57%
Berkshire Community College$5,49227.31%54.62%
Boston College$57,3802.61%5.23%
Boston University$55,8922.68%5.37%
Bridgewater State University$10,73213.98%27.95%
Bristol Community College$6,25423.98%47.97%
Bunker Hill Community College$4,87230.79%61.58%
Cape Cod Community College$6,69022.42%44.84%
Clark University$47,2003.18%6.36%
College of Our Lady of the Elms$37,0004.05%8.11%
College of the Holy Cross$54,7402.74%5.48%
Curry College$40,8703.67%7.34%
Dean College$40,4143.71%7.42%
Eastern Nazarene College$34,0764.40%8.80%
Emerson College$48,7283.08%6.16%
Emmanuel College$41,4483.62%7.24%
Endicott College$34,1544.39%8.78%
Fisher College$31,9924.69%9.38%
Fitchburg State University$10,50514.28%28.56%
Framingham State University$11,10013.51%27.03%
Gordon College$38,6503.88%7.76%
Greenfield Community College$5,57026.93%53.86%
Hampshire College$52,0682.88%5.76%
Hebrew College$29,0405.17%10.33%
Hellenic College$22,4906.67%13.34%
Holyoke Community College$6,32023.73%47.47%
Laboure College$37,4874.00%8.00%
Lasell College$37,0004.05%8.11%
Lesley University$29,3305.11%10.23%
Massachusetts Bay Community College$6,87021.83%43.67%
Massachusetts College of Art and Design$13,70010.95%21.90%
Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts$11,13013.48%26.95%
Massachusetts Maritime Academy$10,01814.97%29.95%
Massasoit Community College$6,24024.04%48.08%
Merrimack College$43,3403.46%6.92%
Middlesex Community College$7,56019.84%39.68%
Montserrat College of Art$34,3504.37%8.73%
Mount Holyoke College$52,2582.87%5.74%
Mount Wachusett Community College$7,00021.43%42.86%
New England Conservatory of Music$51,0202.94%5.88%
Nichols College$35,7154.20%8.40%
North Shore Community College$6,67022.49%44.98%
Northeastern University$53,4422.81%5.61%
Northern Essex Community College$6,98021.49%42.98%
Pine Manor College$31,6604.74%9.48%
Quinsigamond Community College$6,98021.49%42.98%
Regis College$42,6503.52%7.03%
Roxbury Community College$5,22428.71%57.43%
Salem State University$11,28413.29%26.59%
Simmons College$42,0703.57%7.13%
Smith College$54,2242.77%5.53%
Springfield College$39,3053.82%7.63%
Springfield Technical Community College$6,60622.71%45.41%
Stonehill College$44,4203.38%6.75%
Suffolk University$40,1043.74%7.48%
University of Massachusetts Amherst$16,3899.15%18.30%
University of Massachusetts Boston$14,61310.26%20.53%
University of Massachusetts Dartmouth$14,35810.45%20.89%
University of Massachusetts Lowell$15,6489.59%19.17%
Wellesley College$56,0522.68%5.35%
Wentworth Institute of Technology$34,9704.29%8.58%
Western New England University$37,9923.95%7.90%
Westfield State University$10,84913.83%27.65%
Wheaton College$54,8682.73%5.47%
Worcester Polytechnic Institute$52,3202.87%5.73%
Worcester State University$10,16114.76%29.52%

*The tuition and fee amounts listed are for the academic year 2018-2019 and should only be used to help you estimate your purchase amount. The actual percentage for Tuition Certificates purchased during this enrollment period will be based on tuition and mandatory fees for the 2019-2020 academic year, which have not yet been set by the participating colleges and universities. You will receive an annual statement in the fall that confirms the percentage of tuition and fees you have locked in at the participating schools.

Refer to U.Plan Offering Statement for the full details of the Program.