Want to save money on your education loan monthly payment? Refinance with MEFA and join borrowers already saving on average $209 per month and $2,504 per year<sup>1</sup> on their education loan monthly payments. Use our Loan Refinancing Calculator to estimate how your monthly payment will change with a MEFA Education Refinancing Loan.

Enter information about your existing college loan debt, the type of refinance interest rate you prefer, and your credit profile. Once you have your results, you can change one or more of your details and click “CALCULATE” to quickly see updated results.

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<sup>1</sup>The average monthly payment reduction is based on MEFA REFI loan borrowers who refinanced their loans from January 5, 2016 to September 15, 2017. The minimum MEFA Education Refinancing Loan amount is $10,000. The average monthly payment reduction is the average difference between the previous student loan monthly payment and the new MEFA REFI loan monthly payment. This calculation is for all MEFA REFI loans where the MEFA borrower has made the decision to reduce their monthly payment. For variable rate REFI loans, this calculation is based on the variable interest rate initially in effect on the REFI loan. The total repayment amount may be higher on the REFI loan than on the refinanced loan despite the new lower monthly payment.