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Learn why is important, when you can file the FAFSA, and how to start the form.
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The most important step in the financial aid process is to file the Free Application For Federal Student Aid (FAFSA®), as it is the financial aid application required by every college and university in the country. is the official website of the FAFSA. You'll want to make sure to bookmark this site to return to throughout the financial aid process. Here are some common questions we receive about 

  • Why is visiting such a priority?
    A student is not eligible for federal or state financial aid without submitting a completed FAFSA. And is the authorized website of the FAFSA, and therefore the only site you should use to submit this very important application.
  • Does require a cost?
    No! There is no cost to filing the FAFSA on Simply click on Start Here or Log In to complete the form.
  • When does allow me to file the FAFSA? is open for filing on October 1st.

Get the FAFSA completed and submitted on as soon as possible. Remember, will be ready to process FAFSAs on October 1st! Don't delay.