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MEFA Pathway Helps Students Investigate Their Future

New features tie customized labor market information to career exploration and include Now Trending, Looking Ahead, Popular Places, and Career Path.
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MEFA is continuously changing and adding new features to MEFA Pathway, our free college and career planning portal for Massachusetts students. We encourage user feedback, and frequently incorporate recommendations from students and educators, along with nationally recognized subject matter experts, to help make the platform the best it can be. The tremendous diversity of thought, perspective, and background that we incorporate allows MEFA to advance its important work helping students seek a brighter future. 

We are delighted to announce the addition of our Investigate Your Future section to the Discover Careers tab of MEFA Pathway, which includes four features tying customized labor market information to career exploration. In order to make informed and calculated career decisions, it is important for students to understand the labor market. The 4 new features available help students navigate options and opportunities and then guides appropriately. Students learn about top trending skills and occupations, projected growth of certain careers, the areas of the country that have the highest concentration of certain occupations, and the paths that lead to various careers.

Now Trending

Now Trending allows students to select a location and career category, which then generates a list of top careers, soft skills, technology skills, and companies hiring that fit those criteria. Students can favorite a career to be added to their Career List, search for jobs within that career on LinkedIn, or learn the different paths they might follow to reach that career. 



Looking Ahead

Looking Ahead encourages students to explore current and forecasted in-demand career opportunities with the option to select a location and career category of choice. Future growth statistics are projected through 2028, and clicking on a career will surface an informational box providing details such as that career's required education level and median wages.


Popular Places

In Popular Places, students can select a career category and/or a specific occupation and then learn the areas of the United States where those careers/occupations are in the highest demand. 


Career Path

Career Path highlights incremental steps students might follow to reach a desired career. Students select a "Starter Career," which appears in the middle of the landscape. Jobs that might lead to that starter career (called stepping stones) appear below; similar jobs that pay in the same range appear to the side; and related but more-advanced (and higher-paying) careers appear above. The visual shows students how they can start with a particular career and potentially move and advance.


MEFA Pathway, including the Investigate Your Future feature, helps support and guide students as they plan for their future. And as students utilize the tools and resources available in MEFA Pathway, educators can monitor progress and provide the support needed to help students make informed decisions regarding post-secondary planning.

Does your school currently utilize MEFA Pathway? If not, are you interested in learning more about MEFA Pathway and what it offers? Please contact Jennifer Bento-Pinyoun at for further information regarding this free-of-cost college and career planning platform.

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