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Two Key MEFA Pathway Middle School Activities

The Get to Know Yourself feature allows students to learn more about themselves by identifying their interests, values, and skills and the Investigate Your Future feature allows students to learn about top trending skills and occupations, projected growth of careers, and more.
MEFA Pathway middle school students

MEFA Pathway, our free college and career planning portal for Massachusetts students in grades 6-12, features age-appropriate activities based on student grade level. We encourage user feedback, and frequently incorporate recommendations from students and educators, along with nationally recognized subject matter experts, to help make the platform the best it can be. The MEFA Pathway team takes pride in developing content and material celebrating Massachusetts' diverse student population and embracing the various trajectories that students can take. The tremendous diversity of thought, perspective, and background that we incorporate allows MEFA to advance its important work helping students seek a brighter future.

Two key MEFA Pathway features help students learn more about themselves and valuable information related to careers. Students in grades 6-8 have access to the "Get to Know Yourself" feature, which includes three assessments where students can learn more about themselves by identifying their interests, values, and skills, and applying their results to extensive career exploration. Students are encouraged to retake and reassess results annually to identify trends and differences that emerge. These activities guide students in further building post-secondary plans.

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Middle school students also have access to the "Investigate Your Future" feature, which includes four activities where students can learn about top trending skills and occupations, projected growth of particular careers, areas of the country that have the highest concentration of certain occupations, and exploration of various career paths. Updated labor market information informs the presented data, showing connectivity between career goals and opportunities existing at both the state level and nationwide.

map of engineer careers in the USA

To learn more about what MEFA Pathway has to offer, watch our How It Works video. Students can easily create an account and instantly gain access to valuable information and tools useful for college and career planning. Registration is easy! Students simply need to go to and click Register Here to be on their way to setting the groundwork to a college and career pathway.

Does your school currently utilize MEFA Pathway? If not, are you interested in learning more about MEFA Pathway and what it offers? Please contact Jennifer Bento-Pinyoun, Director of MEFA Pathway, at for further information regarding this free-of-cost college and career planning platform brought to you by MEFA.

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