Managing an Attainable® Account with Fidelity's Online Tools

Fidelity Cash Management features a debit card with fee-free ATM withdrawals, text alerts for debit card purchases, use of Fidelity's BillPay, and fee-free check writing. Fidelity Full View features budgeting and reporting tools and allows you to see all your accounts in one place.
A woman managing her Attainable account

We're often asked for best practices in regards to managing one's Attainable® account. Fidelity® offers two stand-out features for account management, Fidelity Cash Management Account and Fidelity Full View®.

Fidelity Cash Management Account

The Fidelity Cash Management Account is a tool offered by Fidelity that I recommend account owners link to from their Attainable® account. It operates like a checking account and has all the features you need without any bank fees. Using a Fidelity Cash Management Account is the fastest way to access money invested in an Attainable® account. Once you're linked, when you are ready to make a withdrawal from your Attainable® account, simply transfer the money from your Attainable® account to your Fidelity Cash Management Account to pay your expenses. Withdrawals will be available in your Cash Management Account the following day if the transfer request is made prior to market close. If you opt instead to transfer funds from your Attainable® account to an outside bank, you may need to wait an extra day or two.

Some key features of the Fidelity Cash Management account include:

  • A debit card with fee-free ATM withdrawals
  • Text alerts for debit card purchases
  • Use of Fidelity's BillPay® to pay your bills on the web or with your mobile device
  • Fee-free check writing

You can learn more about the Fidelity Cash Management Account, read reviews, and open an account on Fidelity's website.

Fidelity Full View

Fidelity Full View lets you access your online financial information in one place so you can easily monitor your Attainable® account, retirement accounts, and even credit card accounts.  There is no fee for Fidelity customers to use Full View, and the application allows the account owner to see all of their Fidelity and non-Fidelity accounts in one place. There are budgeting and reporting tools to set goals, track spending, and categorize expenses, which is a terrific feature for tracking Attainable® withdrawals.

The Cash Management Account works with Fidelity Full View to track and categorize expenditures. Monthly statements show expenditures and deposits.

You can learn more about Full View, see a list of FAQs, and enroll in the program on Fidelity's website.